List of the best online invitation makers – free as well as paid ones.

Online Invitation Maker

Online Invitation Maker – Where to create the online invitations

Hello and welcome to my website! I have created it to help others find the finest and most complete resource of online invitation creators.

Recently, I was in need to create some official invitation. I needed good quality, speed and resonable price (preferably free). It may look like an easy task, but in the end I’ve spent several hours struggling with different online invitation makers. Each had some advantages, but none was perfect at all.

What’s the occasion?

First question we have to answer ourselves when looking for some good invitation maker, is the occasion. If the occasion is quite standard (like wedding, birthday, anniversary etc.), there are plenty of ready-made invitation templates. You can use them, add your photo and text and your invitation is ready in a minute.

There is, however, big difference in quality of such invitation templates. Most of the free templates are of poor quality and they are good for home use only. I cannot imagine to use these templates for your wedding, as most people wish to have everything 100% perfect on their big day.

(On the other hand: one friend of mine made his own drawing for his wedding invitation and created it completely in a DYI style. Did it look amateur? Yes. But it had soul and it was very original in the end…)

But be careful! Paid invitation templates don’t mean automatically they are better quality. You can find absolutely professional work among them as well as a total crap. Buyers discretion is always needed (even though we’re talking just about couple of bucks)

By Email or Printed Invitation?

Next question is: Is email invitation sufficient for you or do you need a printed version? There are tons of good online invitation makers, that will create you an astonishing email invitation. And the good news is, most of them is absolutelly free!

If you need, however, a printed invitation, the situation becomes harder. Most of the good invitation makers aren’t free (they usually require some small amount – either per download or on membership basis). And contrary: those that are free, aren’t good. Sure – you can print your invitations on a home printer. In such case, they will be sufficient for you.

But if you need a professional result, count with some expenses (depending on your needs and number of guests, it will be most probably something between 10 and 50 dollars for small invitational party)

Free or Paid?

And this is the final and for many people the most important question: do you want to pay for an online invitation maker or do you expect it to be free?

As written above: both models are possible, but with free version, you have to make some compromise.

Best Invitation Creators Online (free, by email)
Purple Trail (print at home, profi print)
My Card Maker (free, email or print)
Invitation Land (free trial, print at home)

How to create invitation with

The following teaser shows you, how easily can you create birthday or party invitation online using – Evite has gone through massive redesign in 2010 and right now, it’s the best easy-to-use and free invitation maker. See yourself:

Online birthday invitations with PurpleTrail

With PurpleTrail you can easily create online invitation for Party, Birthday, Christmas, Holiday (and many more special occasions – thanks to the huge amount of templates). PurpleTrail provides many tools to create, manage and send unique online invitations without big effort.

Other step-by-step video guides is presented directly on an official website – scroll down and you will find 3 videos named How order print, print at home and online invitations work, How to easily personalize your card and Easily personalize your cards like never before

How to create your own wedding invitation using Photoshop

This video presents a short guide, how to create your own original wedding invitation with nothing than Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker. Personally, I wouldn’t go this route, but I find the video interesting enough to present it here:

Online wedding invitation makers

You do not need wedding invitations very often (usually once, twice or maximum three times in life), so I would personally recommend to use some professional wedding service. There are also online DYI services, like WeddingClippart, that allows you to make your own wedding invitation for a nominal fee. There is also a free trial available. The results look good to me.

If you are content with lower quality, try this free wedding invitation tools or possibly read an interesting step-by-step article  How to Design Your Own Wedding Invitations Online